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Working Together to Improve Child Care
Thursday, February 28 2013

My heart breaks when I hear what some of the children and families we serve went through before coming to Boys Town.

As a child, Edward suffered abuse for 12 years before he was able to break free and get help. Today, he receives support from a caring aunt and uncle and is doing very well despite his painful past. I shudder to think how different his life would have been without Boys Town.

Tens of thousands of hurting children and families across America reach out for help from Boys Town every year. But even more of those in need find...

This Lent, ‘Pay It Forward’
Wednesday, February 13 2013


One of my favorite commercials is from Liberty Mutual Insurance. It’s all about how “paying it forward” through simple acts of kindness can influence others to do the same. 

As we celebrate the start of the Lenten season, I mention this commercial because of what Jesus said in Matthew 6:1-6: 

“Take care not to perform righteous deeds in order that people will see them.”

When was the last time you did something nice or good partly because you wanted someone to notice...

Teach Your Kids Values Through Community Service
Monday, January 28 2013


Last month, we celebrated the legacy of a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

He was a voice of hope and humanity during a turning point in our nation’s history, and he preached the importance of community involvement and working together for the common good. Though he’s been gone for nearly 45 years, his message continues to inspire millions around the world.

To honor him, businesses and organizations across the country observed the MLK Day of Service with thousands of projects. Community volunteer projects included everything from coat...

In the Face of Unspeakable Tragedy, Faith Is the Most Powerful Force
Thursday, January 3 2013

Like the rest of you, I am still struggling to fully comprehend what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It breaks my heart to think of the pain those families who lost loved ones are going through. I admire how that community has come together, and hope they can be comforted by our prayers and thoughts in the weeks and months to come.

Some of the first images of this tragedy showed parents and other community members gathering in places of worship. When the unthinkable happens, faith is the most powerful and reaffirming force people can turn to for strength.

In times...

Saving Children, Changing Lives at 95 Years and Counting
Wednesday, December 12 2012

Ninety-five years ago, a dream became reality for a young Catholic priest. 

On December 12, 1917, Father Flanagan founded Boys Town and provided a home for five boys who had nowhere else to go. 

It seemed unlikely at the time, but that one dream nurtured by one man would eventually grow and change the lives of millions. And the patience, perseverance and prayer it took to make it happen were tested almost immediately.

Only days after opening his home, Father Flanagan and the young lads in his care celebrated their first Christmas together. It was a difficult...

With Kids’ Video Games, Pry Before You Buy
Wednesday, November 28 2012

When I was with my family for Thanksgiving, all my nephew could talk about was the new video games he wants for Christmas – some with content that concerns my brother.

In today’s media-driven world, there’s a good chance your child has a video game on his or her Christmas list. 

A number of games can be great learning tools for kids. But it’s unsettling that many popular games have content and themes that are not at all kid-friendly. As a parent, your role is not to buy your kids whatever they want, but to set boundaries and help shape them into...

Family Time Together Is the Real Thanksgiving Deal
Wednesday, November 14 2012

Have you seen our newest video about Edward and his family? 

Edward was orphaned at a young age and suffered 12 years of abuse before being rescued by his Aunt Debbie. Edward now has a second chance to make a better life for himself with the help of his family and Boys Town. I’m sure Edward will be counting his blessings this Thanksgiving. 

Stories like Edward’s remind me what this season is all about – celebrating family and being thankful for what God has given us throughout our lives. 


Boys Town Communities Come Together in Wake of Hurricane Sandy
Wednesday, November 7 2012

As Hurricane Sandy menacingly approached the United States last week, we watched in mounting fear and apprehension because four Boys Town locations were in the super storm’s path: Boys Town South Florida, Boys Town Washington D.C., Boys Town New York and Boys Town New England. 

Thankfully, no Boys Town children, families or employees were injured in this catastrophic and deadly storm. But the devastation it left behind is immeasurable. The New York area was hit the hardest, and many of the families we are helping through our Boys Town New York...

Costumes Aren’t Just for Make Believe
Wednesday, October 24 2012

I didn’t always want to be a priest.

Growing up, I wanted to be a cowboy. Then it was a football star. My dreams and aspirations seemed to change every year, but Mom could always find a way to sew them up into a Halloween costume. For that holiday, what I wanted to be someday was limited only by my imagination.

I think this is why I still enjoy Halloween so much today. Only now, it’s not my imagination that’s on display.

A lot of the kids who come to Boys Town have had rough beginnings. But once they’re in our program, their past doesn’t...

Using Family Meetings to Alleviate Stress
Wednesday, October 10 2012

We get calls at Boys Town every day from parents who are stretched to their limits. They’re stressed, tired and out of answers for how to handle their kids’ behaviors.  (That’s right, you’re not alone!)

Sometimes the more stressed parents get, the more they tend to yell at their kids. Just as you don’t like to be yelled at by your boss or spouse, kids shut down when somebody is yelling commands at them. A better idea is to keep those lines of communication open by staying calm and encouraging a conversation. A great way to start this is to by...