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Filling Your Child’s Need for God’s Presence
Monday, September 24 2012

Boys Town recently welcomed Shais Taub, a Hasidic rabbi, to discuss his approach to helping people with substance abuse addictions.

Rabbi Taub has been teaching and writing for several years about the spiritual component of addiction recovery.  He contends that addicts have a heightened spiritual need for God in their life.  When God is absent from their life, it causes them so much pain that they often seek out a chemical or a negative behavior to numb their spiritual senses.

“The substance isn’t the addict’s problem,” Rabbi Taub said during...

Every Troubled Student Deserves a Second Chance
Wednesday, September 12 2012

When I was in school, there was a boy in my class named Gary. Gary didn’t spend a lot of time in the classroom.

He talked back to teachers and was known to throw books across a room. He was labeled a “trouble maker” and “stupid” and spent nearly every day in suspension. Gary didn’t graduate with our class.

None of us took the time to figure out why Gary acted out. No one seemed to take notice of his stained sweatshirt or his habit of borrowing a pencil and a piece of paper for every class. Maybe if we had, we would have realized that his...

Are You Back-to-School Ready?
Tuesday, August 28 2012

There are so many things to love about fall.

Beautiful colors, high school and college sports and the promise of cooler, brisker days ahead.

Fall is also the start of second opportunities for success in the classroom.  

At Boys Town, our community revolves around our schools full time at this time of the year. Students walking to class in the mornings, football games on Friday nights and a jam-packed activity schedule make this campus come alive in the fall.

But not every child is ready – or excited – to be spending the day at a desk. If your...

When Tragedy Strikes, Hold Your Children Close
Wednesday, August 1 2012

More death. More suffering. This time in a theatre in Colorado. 

As I watched video of children fleeing from the theatre where the gunman opened fire, I said a prayer to God. I asked Him to give strength to those children’s parents so they could help their kids deal with this tragedy and its aftermath. 

All too often it seems I find myself referring parents to an article written by Dr. Dan Daly, who runs all our youth care programs at Boys Town. Dr. Daly is an expert on the topic of helping parents guide and comfort their children through times of crisis. Here...

Summer Vacations Strengthen Family Bonds
Wednesday, July 18 2012

I love summer.

I don’t know if it’s the longer days or the promise of adventure or the fact that it used to mean no school for three months, but it’s the season that has excited me most since I was a young child. I may not have summers off anymore, but the fond memories of time spent with friends and family keep the excitement alive.

Summer also has a special meaning for the boys and girls at Boys Town. Every year, hundreds of our kids and their Family-Teachers visit our Boys Town camp at Lake Okoboji in Iowa to enjoy four days of fun in the sun. Our...

Family Traditions Make Independence Day a Blast!
Tuesday, July 3 2012

Nothing screams summer like the Fourth of July. Hot dogs sizzling on the grill. Kids happily chasing lighting bugs at dusk. Family and friends coming together to celebrate the freedom we enjoy in this great country.

At Boys Town, our Independence Day celebration is all about community. Families with picnic baskets spread out blankets on the cool grass, sharing a fun day with neighbors and friends before settling into “their” spot to watch the  fireworks. As everyone lifts their eyes to the sky, you can see the big smiles on their faces by the light of the bright...

Warning: Extreme Parenting Is Liable to Backfire
Wednesday, June 20 2012

In my last blog post, we discussed the many different roles parents play in their child’s life.  One role you should avoid like a burning building is that of the “extreme parent.” 

We’ve all seen the news stories about the dad who responded to his daughter’s tantrum on Facebook by shooting her laptop and the mom who posted a photo on the Internet of her daughter holding an embarrassing sign that explained why she was no longer allowed to use Facebook.

Do you think these...

Celebrating Parenthood
Wednesday, May 30 2012

While taking a walk, I saw a father and son playing catch. Dad was patiently showing the child how to throw and catch a ball. They both let out a joyful yell when the little boy caught a lob from his father, celebrating the accomplishment together.

Parents are so much more than just playmates and providers for their children. They teach skills and responsibilities, slay the imaginary monsters under the bed, teach them how to pray and offer comforting words in the wake of heartbreak. They provide the guidance growing children need to become healthy, productive members of society....

Make Memorial Day More Meaningful for Your Children and Your Family
Wednesday, May 23 2012

As we handed out diplomas to Boys Town High School graduates on Sunday, the magnitude of their accomplishment was felt in each congratulatory handshake. The opportunities for these young men and women are endless, and for many graduates, both at Boys Town and around the country, their new careers will begin in the armed forces.

Jordan, a Boys Town graduate and former mayor of our world-famous Village, returned home this month after a tour in Afghanistan. He was greeted with loud cheers and a few tears from his family! We could not be more proud of him and the service he is...

Succeeding Even When Success Seems Out of Reach
Tuesday, May 1 2012

Graduation day encompasses all that we strive for here at Boys Town. 

The kids we care for are the kids everyone else has given up on. Just as Father Flanagan provided for children more than 90 years ago, we gave these boys and girls a community, a home and a family. We couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments because they have earned it.

These seniors will walk across the stage in just a few short weeks to receive something many of them never thought was possible.  But their Boys Town Family-Teachers believed in them and showed...